House rules:

Anyone who participates in classes or registers at Krav Maga Twente must also take note of the following and agree to the regulations by ticking the declarations of agreement on the registration form and signing the form.


- The instructions of the instructor must be followed.
- You must be present ten minutes before the start and do not hinder the lesson that is still taking place.
- After the warm-up, it is no longer possible to follow the lesson, unless otherwise determined in consultation with the teaching instructor.
- Cell phones are off unless you have permission from the teaching instructor.
- It is not allowed to bring and/or consume your own drinks or food in the gym, unless otherwise determined by the instructor.
- Water bottles are allowed during the training sessions.
- It is forbidden to smoke in the sports accommodation.
- One should ensure good physical hygiene such as short and clean nails, fresh breath, etc.
- Long hair should be tied together with an elastic without sharp or hard parts.
- We do not wear jewelry, piercings or other materials during the training.
- The prescribed uniform is worn correctly; T-shirt in the pants.
- Sleeves and trouser legs not rolled up. Hemming if necessary.
- Ladies think of appropriate, functional training clothing (short/long wide pants with T-shirt).
- The hall is only entered with clean indoor shoes without black soles or 'non-marking' soles, wrestling shoes or barefoot. Not on socks!
- There are no other persons on the floor than the members and those who follow a (trial) lesson by appointment. Visitors should sit quietly on the couch.
- We do not touch the practice materials, unless you have permission from the teaching instructor.
- During the explanation we sit or stand in the correct way. This will be indicated by the instructor.
- Bits out when talking to the instructor.
- We take into account the greeting and greeting of your partner.
- Show respect for your training partner and follow the rules of conduct.
- Practice with the person who invites you or is assigned you as a partner.
- Unrestrained aggression is not tolerated.
- Wounds must be bandaged immediately and we remove any blood from the floor ourselves.
- Training materials are neatly cleaned up after the training.