Wat is IKMF

The Internationale Krav Maga Federation(IKMF) was founded in 1996 by leading Krav Maga experts, with the aim of making the Krav Maga system known worldwide. The chairman of the IKMF is Avi Moyal (master 2). Bo van Velzen (expert 3) is director of the Dutch branch of the IKMF. Today, the IKMF is the world's largest Krav Maga organization. The IKMF is active in training military (SF), police and security units in dozens of countries. The IKMF is based in the city of Netanya in Israel. Krav Maga instructors are trained and certified worldwide. This makes an important contribution to the quality and high standard within the IKMF.

Since the foundation of the IKMF, more than a million people have been made resilient, with the result that these people are able to prevent worse through decisive action. Any organization can claim they are the biggest and the best, but how can you prove this? The IKMF organization is an official partner of the Israeli government and is responsible for the training of all elite units of the police, security services and military (SF) units. This distinguishes the IKMF from the others and because of this you know that this is a real organization.