Frequently asked questions

Can I come for a trial lesson and what does it cost?

You can always come by for a trial lesson to participate. Then you can see if it is something for you. This lesson is free and does not commit you to anything. Bring sportswear, sneakers and a water bottle.

How much does Krav Maga cost?

That depends on which subscription you are going to take out. This is explained on our site. In the webshop you can see what the items cost that offer you protection during the lesson.

Where are the training locations?

At the moment we have a training location at the kamperfoeliestraat in Almelo.

What times are the training times?

These are also neatly indicated on our site under the heading information.

Is union membership mandatory?

Yes it is mandatory because without a union there is no Krav Maga, no club, no instructors and no students. One cannot do without the other. Therefore, anyone who trains krav maga from the day he/she starts becomes a member of the union. With this he/she supports the IKMF and gets a discount on seminars, can take exams, has free use of the Mijn IKMF and more.

What materials do I need?

If you are actually going to train you will need krav maga pants and shirt, mouthguard and toque. In the webshop you will find these articles separately and in a starter package. After 2 months you will also need shin guards and gloves. It is best to buy a complete package all in, but you can also purchase in phases. Purchasing a package is slightly cheaper in price. For example, you can purchase these in the webshop .

How fast can I learn Krav Maga?

That depends on how often you come to train and what your commitment is. As a rule, we assume that you train twice a week. You can then learn to defend yourself against the most common attacks in a relatively short time. Combat readiness is at least as important as technique. Some people need longer than others.

How long do I have to train before I can take a level test?

This also depends on a number of factors. How often per week do you train, your commitment in the training, your motor skills, fitness, knowledge of the techniques, being able to apply the techniques under stress, willingness to fight. The number of teaching hours that represents the first level is at least 35 hours in at least 4 to 5 months. For other levels at least 65 hours in at least 6 months. This is a guideline, in practice it comes down to testing 1x per year after 9 months to a year of training for a level.

How do I get into my IKMF?

First of all, you must have registered with the IKMF. You will then receive a confirmation email from the IKMF containing your membership number. You will also receive the information to log in to my IKMF.

How long does a lesson take?

A krav maga class lasts 90 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for kids and teens. But always keep in mind run-out.

I missed my monthly payment, what is your bank number?

NL18 ABNA 0883 4979 64 in the name of Krav Maga Twente

Do I have to cancel my membership of the IKMF union?

Yes, so if you stop at Krav Maga Twente, send an e-mail to and CC mail to This is also stated in the regulations, on all forms signed by you and in most if not all e-mails you receive from the IKMF. Your IKMF membership runs from 1 January to 1 January per calendar year. You can cancel at any time throughout the year by e-mail and it applies to the upcoming calendar year and not to the current calendar year.

Which subscription should I choose?

The training sessions are aimed at ensuring that people train at least twice a week. This is the fastest way to learn the techniques. The techniques are then often repeated, so that they enter your system faster. Exercising more often is even better, making it more routine. Can't you do it with once a week? That is of course also possible, it will only take longer, you will notice that the people who train more often will hook up with the techniques faster. Krav Maga requires dedication, commitment, discipline.

Do I have to wait for a start date to get started?

No, you don't have to wait. We can immediately make an action plan and ask what your learning needs are.

Where can I buy my equipment?

It is best to buy your equipment through the association's webshop They know what you need to train. If you buy a package, it is often cheaper. If you have any questions about shoes, it is best to discuss this with the instructor.

Do I need to prepare physically before starting Krav Maga?

No that is not necessary, you can join at any level. Because you will attend the classes, your condition will improve by leaps and bounds. Always listen carefully to your own body. You will certainly feel muscle pain in the beginning, but that will subside over time. You train at your own pace and according to your own ability. We expect 100% commitment from everyone, but we realize that this will look different for everyone. Slowly but surely we try to take you to a higher level in all areas and to let you find your own limits. The most important thing is that you will have fun and that everything takes place in a safe learning environment.

Can I temporarily unsubscribe?

If there is a long-term injury, we can temporarily stop the subscription. You should take into account that if the injury persists for a long time, the training hours will be lost. You will then have to train again for your level. Previously achieved levels are retained.