Privacy Policy

privacy policy:

Processing Agreement

The new regulations require that in every situation in which (possibly) personal data is processed, a so-called processing agreement must be concluded between the parties. This processor agreement, which is part of the general terms and conditions, regulations, house rules and rules of conduct of Krav Maga Twente and therefore also the membership agreement, is described below. The processor agreement contains, among other things, the (division of) responsibilities and liabilities with regard to (processing of) personal data. Signing the membership form confirms this processing agreement. You have entered into an agreement with us with the main purpose of Krav Maga, self-defense, sports and combat training, we process personal data.

Privacy declaration

This is the privacy statement of Krav Maga Twente, located in Almelo, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce number: 78177146. This privacy statement describes which personal data we process, for what purposes these personal data are used and what measures we have taken to to have the processing carried out lawfully, fairly and transparently in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

1. Use of personal data
1.1 We (possibly) process the following personal data from you if you:
(a) become a member
(b) as a member receive information, receive newsletters or contact us (via email/contact form)
(c) register for an event organized by us
(d)if you want to be added to the closed FB group Krav Maga Twente (undisclosed)

1.2 We collect the following (personal) data:
(a) Name, address, telephone number, email address, date and place of birth, gender, bank account number, start date , current Krav Maga level, date of last exam, (where the last level was achieved), IKMF association membership or association passport number, any martial arts experience and any (medical) limitations.
(b) Name, email address and email content
(c) Name, email address, email content and payment details
(d)FB name, media shared and posted by you in the closed group

1.3 We may use this information for (the purpose):
(a) to effectuate membership
(b) to send newsletters and maintain contact with members
(c) to be able to organize and take place the event
(d) to share information (mutually)

2. Information, amendment, correction, exchange, transfer and objection
2.1 You can contact us with Ilona Huijbrechtse for:
(a) more information about the way in which we process your personal data
(b) in connection with this privacy statement
(c) access to the personal data that we process with regard to you
(d) correction, limitation, or transfer of your data
(e) object to the use of your data by [name / organization].

3. Security of your data
3.1 We will only use your data for the purposes stated in this privacy statement and we will take adequate technical and organizational measures to protect your data.

4. Third parties
4.1 We provide your data to the following third parties::
(a) IKMF (bond)
(b) accountant
(c) tax authorities

These third parties use the data for:
(a) See Krav Maga Twente
(b) IKMF (bond), comparison of memberships and member registration
(c) drawing up annual work, this only concerns the attendance lists with name, surname, member numbers, payment processing and bank statements, unless Krav Maga Twente is obliged to act differently on the basis of the law or regulations (e.g. the tax authorities).

4.2 We can publish photos of visitors and/or participants in activities of Krav Maga Twente on our website, the closed FB group Krav Maga Twente (undisclosed) and the Instagram account Krav Maga Twente, unless you object to this explicitly and with reasons (see under 2 ).

5. Retention of your data
5.1 We do not keep your data longer than necessary in view of the purpose of the processing or other legislation that requires it to be stored. Only the owners of Krav Maga Twente have insight into the complete member administration data, unless they are obliged to act otherwise on the basis of the law or regulations (for example the tax authorities).

6. Changes to Privacy Statement
6.1 It is possible that this statement will be changed in the future. We therefore recommend that you continue to consult this privacy statement regularly.